Thursday, November 27, 2014

Tensile Cones at Radisson Bay View, Chittagong, Bangladesh

We have successfully completed Tensile conical in Radisson Bay View Hotel, Chittagong. As a project consultant it was a great honor for me to work with eminent Ar.Mustapha Khalid Palash in this project. Paradigm was the contractor. ALM steel worked as a steel supplier and vendor. Fabric confectioning is done by a Malaysian company Brilliant Shield. Please find attached images of the project.

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Small Tensile

I have designed and installed a small Tensile Membrane on our balcony at our apartment in Bashundhara R/A, Dhaka. Though its a small project around 5ft by 6ft. It is my first Tensile in Dhaka. It was a good experience and exercise for me. One of the major mistakes here is the use of rubber cord at the edges of the fabric. I could not able apply proper tension on the fabric because of the rubber cord, as it extends when tension is applied. Though there are many mistakes, it feels good to see my tensile.

little tensile by Ar. Golam Morsalin Choudhury Rana

little tensile by Ar. Golam Morsalin Choudhury Rana

little tensile by Ar. Golam Morsalin Choudhury Rana

little tensile by Ar. Golam Morsalin Choudhury Rana

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Green Architectural Membrane

Kenaf plant
A green Architectural membrane, based on Kenaf bast fiber has been developed by Taiyo KogyoCrop.  Kenaf is a natural fiber and have similar characters as Jute. KenafineTM, developed by Taiyo Kogyo Crop., is made by weaving Kenaf fiber with polyester fiber. This bas fabric is coated on top with photocatalyst TiOand at bottom coated with antibacterial agent of silver. This environment friendly green membrane can be recycled to make paper product1. Thus it is more carbon-neutral than 100% polyester based fabrics. Test result of Kenafine is given below.

Test result of Kenafine
Structure of Kenafine.
1. New material research on kenaf fiber fabric, 

Friday, June 15, 2012

Europe Tour Part 03

After visiting Paris, I headed to Amsterdam next week. It was my dream to visit Amsterdam. I reached Amsterdam on 28th April 2012 night. Though It was cold and windy, I got out with my camera to take some amazing night shots of Amsterdam.
Amsterdam at Night
Amsterdam is the largest city and capital of Netherlands. The name is derived from the dam on the river Amstel. With my dutch friends John and Aukje, we visited different parts of the city and buildings. We made a boat trip through the canals of Amsterdam. I ate totally raw haring fish in pure dutch style. We also visited a small craft museum, where we saw traditional wooden shoes, cheese, clothing etc.
Me with my friend John and Aukje
Traditional wooden shoes
We visited Nemo, designed by Architect Renzo Piano. It is a kids science museum, which looks like a ship. Beneath it there is a road tunnel connecting other part of the city. We also visited Whale a residential building resembling whale in shape. It is designed by Architekten Cie. It was quite a impressive building in terms of massing, fenestration.
Nemo by Architect Renzo Piano
The whale by de Architekten Cie
Inner Court of the whale
The traditional pitched roof brick houses were impressive.  There was a hoisting steel plate at the top of each house to lift goods to different floors through large windows. There are numerous famous buildings all around Amsterdam. Unfortunately I couldn’t able to visit all of them in time. I wish I could spend few weeks in Amsterdam to explore all the places.

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Europe Tour Part 02

I made a trip to Paris on 21st April 2012 from Antwerp, Belgium. It was great as well as romantic as I saw in the movie"Midnight in Paris". In my opinion it is the best among other european cities I visited. The calm Seine river, trees, walkways, parks, huge boulevards, tourists, beautiful modern, post modern, classical buildings made Paris an unforgettable city.
Notre Dame Cathedral from the bank of river Seine.
Glass Pyramid lobby of Louvre Museum
I went to magnificent Louvre Museum where I saw Monalisa, the Captive by Michelangelo, apartments of Napoleon  and numerous paintings, sculptures. Glass pyramid lobby of Louvre museum designed by Architect I M Pei was impressive. The collection of paintings and sculptures of Musee de Orsay was also impressive, where I saw the paintings of impressionist artists like Van Gogh, Claudia Monet, Pierre Auguste Renoir, Paul Gauguin, Edouard Manet etc. I also visited world famous cathedral Notre Dame. As the name of my college was also same in Bangladesh, it was a great opportunity for me to visit that cathedral. It was the finest example of French Gothic Architecture in medieval time. It was highly decorated with sculptures of christian beliefs and with most delicate stained glass.
Georges Pompidou Center
Me infront of Arab Institute
I visited some of the famous modern architecture in Paris like, Georges Pompidou Center, Arab Institute, La Defense. Transparency of Pompidou Center was amazing, where anyone could see the structure of the building, mechanical facilities as well as circulation of the building. Arab Institute was famous for its facade which was constructed with series of shutters. These shutters could open or  close automatically depending on solar radiation penetration through the facade. But unfortunately these were not working anymore. La Defense was a business district where you could see modern skyscrapers. Grand Arch of La Defense was outstanding. It was a complete frame which was axially connected with city center. It was designed by Johann Otto Von spreckelsen.
It was worthless to visit Paris without seeing Eiffel Tower. Eiffel Tower was a master piece of delicate steel work. It was huge in height as well as beautiful. It was breath taking to see Eiffel Tower from distance against city fabric.
Grand Arch La Defense, Paris
Eiffel Tower, Paris

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Europe Tour Part 01

It was a great Europe tour.I traveled so many places. I visited four countries Germany, Belgium, France and Netherlands. I started my journey from 6th March 2012 in Dessau, Germany where I attended my 3rd semester in IMS. Then me with some of my Indian friends made a trip to Munich on 18th March, it was a "membrane tour". We stayed there for three days and visited Olympic stadium, Allianz Arena, BMW Welt. We also visited a material exhibition at Messesee, Munich.
Then on 21st March I traveled to Antwerp, Belgium for my Internship training in Nomad Concept. Antwerp was a great city. There were so many things to see, luxury shops and nice pedestrian walkways in Meir street, great plaza of Grote Markt, 572m long pedestrian tunnel under the river Scheldt, greatly sculptured Antwerp Cathedral with a huge tower which could be seen from all parts of the city were some of the jewels of the city.
Antwerp at night, Meir Street.
Antwerp at night was spectacular. Roads and walkways were flooded with light. There were fountains illuminated with light. Some significant buildings were also washed with light. There were diamond shops in Antwerp. Lights from glittering diamonds also add more lights to city fabric. It was very pleasing to walk around at night and enjoy the beauty of the city.
There were some architectural jewels in Antwerp like MAS museum of Antwerp which was a great modern museum, Antwerp Courthouse by Architect Sir Richard Rogers was another great architecture to visit and the Centraal Rail Station of Antwerp was truly magnificent with its huge vaulted lobby. It was a nineteenth century architecture but a new extension with modern design was built which was also very impressive and spectacular.
Centraal Rail Station Antwerp, Belgium

MAS Museum Antwerp, Belgium
Antwerp Courthouse by Architect Richard Rogers
I will never forget my stay in Antwerp for 2 months. It has so many things to remember but the breath taking view of Antwerp at night from the bank of the river Scheldt was unforgettable.
I also visited other cities of Belgium like Ostende, Ghent, Leuven, Tongeren, Turnhout, Mechelen, Liege, Brugge and Brussels. Liege rail station was a magnificent structure designed by Architect Engineer Santiago Calatrava. Ostende was a beach town where I saw blue north sea. Central African Museum at Terfuren Brussels was great.

Me at Liege rail station